There is no such thing as random

After leaving dinner at a church families house I headed home. The RR crossing is being worked on so I had to take another way home. I went down the side street, as I was driving I saw 2 women stumbling on the side of the road so I stopped to make sure they were ok. They said they were fine just drunk, I told them to get in the car I would drive them home. I had a lot of stuff still left in my car from the bridge. The one lady said man you have alot of stuff in your car, I said I work with a ministry. As we traveled to their house Sam asked who I volunteered with. I said my husband is a pastor and we have breakfast and worship at the causway every Sunday. She said man God sent you here to pick us up, I said yes He did. I invited them to Thursday night dinner and study along with church next week, as I walked them to their door to make sure they were safe. I have no idea if I will ever see these ladies again, however I know they did see Jesus. Not because of what I did but because of what He done.