The Love of Christ in Action

Last Thursday at the Bridge Bible study Jesus allowed me to wittness His trasformation of one of the folks. We had all finished eating and fellowshiping and had just settled down for the Bible study John 17 The High Priestly Prayer. I’ll be honest after the day I had at work my brain was on co-pilot. As I was watching the other folks a young man who I had not seen before came up to the pavillion. As I was starting to get up to greet the young man and get him some food, out of the corner of my eye I spotted Chuck getting up from his picnic table to assist the young man. I sat back down for a moment and watched as Chuck welcomed the young man and proceeded to fix him a plate. I walked over to help them out and was blessed to overhear their conversation. The young man said no one else is eating, Chuck said they ate earlier. The young man paused, Chuck jumped right in and said hey man I’ll eat with you, they both proceeded to sit down and eat together.

Without the background, this situation doesn’t seem so great or exciting, let me share some insight. Chuck has been around the B.C.O.M (The Bridge Christian Outreach Ministry) pretty much from the beginning 4 years ago. He was an angry, harsh end stage drunk. In fact he made it very clear that he did not like Jerry and I at all. When we first started you could hear him cursing out loud a couple pavillions down. In God’s time Chuck began to soften, he moved closer to the pavillion where we served breakfast, then he hung out by the rail next to the pavillion and finally he came and would stand in the pavillion. Chuck asked to be baptized a few years ago and today he rings the bell every Sunday morning at the beginning of the worship service.

You see prior to his conversion if Chuck had seen this young man he would have called him names due to his ethnic background and would have been very verbal about him arriving late. Now it is clear the old man is dead and Chuck is a new creation in Christ!